Caring Ministries
The mission of the Congregational Care Committee is to provide opportunities to demonstrate God's love.  This committee engages members of the church in a variety of Caring Ministries such as:  providing a meal after a funeral; keeping in contact with those serving our country; offering a fellowship time on Sunday mornings; and making home visits to the babies born into our church family. 
Several other Caring Ministries are highlighted on this page.
Card Ministry

Thinking of you, get well, and sympathy cards are sent by the Congregational Care committee toPicture of greeting card those enduring a challenging time in their life.

For the special "big" birthdays of our eldest members, cards that have been colored by the children are signed by the congregation and sent full of good wishes to the celebrant.

Caring Ministry for the Elderly

Church members make visits or phone calls to those who are no longer able to attend Sunday worship services.  Visits are made to the home or care facility on a weekly or monthly basis by an individual who becomes a connection to the church for the shut-in.  The visitor shares news from the church, prayer or devotions, and engages the shut-in in conversation to allow the shut-in to continue to feel like a part of the congregation.  Those desiring communion can also receive that during a visit.
Casserole Ministry

Members of the congregation take turns delivering a hot meal to an individual or church family after a hospitalization, during chemotherapy, or at other difficult times.   This ministry warms the heart as well as the stomach. 
Have Car will Travel

When a member of our church family is unable to drive and needs to get to a medical or other important appointment, he/she can call one of the volunteer drivers on the “Have Car, Will Travel” list to arrange transportation.  In this ministry, church members volunteer their time, car, and gas to assist others.
The Nurse is In

Professional nurses within our church family are available the first Sunday of each month between worship services to do blood pressure checks for anyone desiring this service.  The nurses also answer questions about medication and health concerns. 
Picture of blood pressure cuff
 “Keeping our members healthy – physically, mentally and spiritually” is the mission of this ministry.
Prayer Ministries

Both an e-mail prayer chain and a telephone prayer chain can quickly put out a request for intercessory prayers, whether it is an emergency or a long-term situation.  Several dozen faithful pray-ers begin to pray as soon as they receive the request. 

Prayer blankets are another way to 'cover' others with love, concern and prayers at a time of illness or difficulty.  Handmade afghans are donated by individuals, then prayed over by the congregation during worship.  Members may deliver a blanket to a person within or outside of the church family as a physical symbol of God’s love and comfort.