Pastor's Update 

A Message from our Pastor ...

Welcome to our website! I hope you find encouragement and inspiration as you explore what we are about. As you can see, we are a very busy church with ministry to our attendees, ministry to our community and ministry around the world.

            Just one thing is missing. YOU! You are welcome to visit us anytime. We worship on Sunday at 8 and 10:30 am. There are Sunday School classes for all ages at 9:15 am on Sunday. We have another option on Thursdays. This worship service is called LYFT (Live Your Faith Today) and starts at 5:30 pm with a free supper followed by an abbreviated worship time.  **dinner will start again on April 7

            We are a family church. We lift up, love and support each other. We believe in the scriptures and use them as our guide in life. We are accepting of all. We don't believe we need to judge and condemn. We present Jesus as the way to new life. We invite you to walk with us by joining us for worship. May God bless you!

Pastor Mark